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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Contrast showering and your hair cuticles

I am a huge fan of contrast showering. Basically contrast showering is giving your entire body a blast of cool water before stepping out of the shower. This opens pores, aids in detoxification, and helps the blood circulate. I am an even bigger fan of it for my hair. The temperature of the water you use will make a difference in the health of your hair. When you wash your hair you should use lukewarm water, this will loosen dirt and open the hair cuticles. I wants to make sure the shampoo is penetrating the hair and cleansing it from the inside out. Next apply your conditioner, the pores will still be open so the conditioner will have a chance to penetrate the hair shaft. The contrast comes into play when you are rinsing your conditioner out. During the conditioner rinse out stage you want to use cool water. The cool water will help close the hair cuticle locking in the moisture given to your hair. When rinsing with cool water your will notice your hair is shinier and has a healthier appearance, this is because the cuticle is closed and light is bouncing off the smooth surface. Contrast showering does take some getting used too, but I promise the results you receive will be amazing!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Embrace your natural beauty! Month 20 of my journey!

I will be blogging again tomorrow..until then enjoy this video!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sorry for the delay in postings!

I wanted to take the time out to apologize for there being so many delays with posting on the blog. I value all of my followers and my mission is to give you great content! I am in the process of moving and downsizing. This has taking up all my time and when I'm not packing I'm being a wife, mommy, and student. I will have new and exciting content coming up as I come to a close with my braids!! I can't wait, I have missed my natural hair so much and I can't wait to feel my curls again. Please hang in there with me, I will be posting just not as much! BUT I will be back stronger then ever! Stay Curly!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I got a new gig!!!

In addition to my blog, I am now a writer for Curly Hair Don't Care! How exciting? I will be posting original material for that blog as well as mine. The site launches Sept. 1, 2010 so check us out! I love blogging and am very excited about this new venture!!! Make sure you come and show us some love and keep showing love to Supernaturals!!! Stay CURLY!!!

Water as a moisturizer???

YES...ladies I promise you I still use water as a moisturizer with my braids, but on my natural hair it's even better!! Water helps the hair stay flexible and helps to eliminate breakage. I would suggest using water to add moisture to your hair every 2-3 days and then sealing it with a good leave in, butter, or oil! Don't make the mistake of using a sealant as a moisturizer. Water or water based products should be used to infuse moisture, THEN use your favorite sealant to lock in the moisture. I like to think of it as "watering the hair", like a plant!! My hair thanks me for it every time! Your goal is to retain hair and using water as a moisturizer, along with protective styling, will help you reach your "Hair Dreams"..happy growing!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Jane Carter Product in September!!!

One of my favorite lines is introducing a new product this September...Jane Carter Solutions will be introducing their first Curl Defining Cream. If you know me, you know that I LOVE this product line. Jane Carter's Solutions products smell amazing and are so clean and moisturizing on the hair. I can only imagine what this new product will do. The web release says it will help define curls, the one product that her line was missing. For the month of August when you place an order on the Jane Carter website you will recieve a free sample of the new product!!!! Visit to find out more information on this new and exciting product.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Missing my hair!!!

The downside to braids is that after a miss running your fingers through your hair...curls..ugh :( I'm missing my hair tonight! But I have appreciated these braids and they will be kept in until Sept. 1. Why then? Well we are in the process of moving and I want to be sure we are in the new house before I release my hair. I have had a ton of new growth which was the reason why I put the braids in...protective styling, plus with being home with the kids for the summer they have served their purpose! How long do you normally keep your braids in?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Could a Huetiful Steamer be in my near future???

Well today I watched a ton of YT videos on The Heutiful Steamer and I must say I'm intrigued. I mean anything that enhances the hair is a friend of mine. PrettyDimples and Taren916 put up reviews within an hour of each other yesterday evening and that got me to thinking and researching. 5 times more moisture to the hair!!!! Again...I'm intrigued. The price isn't bad either which was my initial concern. I may be able to convince hubby to let me shell out $114. It seems like it will pay for itself with a few uses! I might even be able to get rid of some conditioners instead of throwing them away cause I was disappointed at their performance! And then I heard it helps with detangling! Well if that's the case my 7 year old will benefit from it too! Anything that helps our journey is a friend of mine. I'll keep you all posted as to WHEN I make the purchase! Oh Mr. Fedex man!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Did we lose a hair idol????

Wowziers....Ummm now let me start by saying Erykah has the right to do WHATEVER she wants with her hair....BUT I have to ask..did she perm her hair??? It looks mighty straight. Awww...she was a hair idol! Don't get me wrong..I'm about to switch up some stuff with my hair, but oh no! I hope my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moisurizing Braids!!!

YES, YES...moisturize your braids as you would your hair. Moisture helps the hair remain pliable and prevents breakage. Breakage is sometimes the downfall of having braids. My routine is very simple. About every two days I get out the water bottle, Jane Carter Leave In Conditioner, and Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Butter and I go to work. I release the braids from any rubberband and allow them to flow freely. I start with the water bottle and I give a good spray all over my head until the dry feeling is gone but not so much that my hair is dripping wet. I shake my hair and then spray my entire head with the leave in conditioner to infuse some much needed nutrients into the braids and freshen them up a bit. Lastly I take a nice helping of the Nourish and Shine butter and go through the braids, greasing my scalp and moisturizing the hair. The butter gives my hair a nice healthy sheen. Every bodies braids and moisture routine is different but this one gives you a good glimpse into what this supernatural does! ~~ Up, up, up and away!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

To color or not to color...that is the question!

I've been tossing around the notion to coloring my hair for awhile now and I think I'm ready, so ready that I can say it with confidence. Deciding to color your hair should be a decision made with deep thought. There is a possibility of texture change, damage, and just not liking the color you received. To ensure the color is safely applied I have decided to go to a professional. Above is the exact color effects that I'm going for. Taking a first glance of the picture it appears her hair was lifted a few shades brown and then highlights were added. Coloring curly hair can be tricky. I've used box color before and the only thing that got colored were my roots :( Not a good look! The fall is coming, which is my favorite season, and I'm turning 29...its time to add some pizazz to these curls once these braids come out. I'm pretty excited. Don't worry, you all will be on board to enjoy the ride!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good books for naturals!

If you know me, then you know I love to curl up with a good book! As Fall approaches I get an even bigger urge to climb in a comfy chair, make a hot cup of tea and fall in love with a book! Books not only are entertaining but they are so rich in information they are invaluable. There are two books in particular that have helped me while on my natural hair journey! If you get a chance please stop by your local bookstore or library and pick them up. Both of them offer vital information in learning how to properly take care of your hair and grow it to great lengths.

The first book is Ultra Black Hair Growth II. This book is authored by Cathy Howse who is an expert on growing hair to great lengths. Her book doesn't have a selfish agenda and she backs up her information by scientific data. This book is what got me interested in PH balance and what it has to do with the health of our hair. I read this book in almost one setting, it's just that easy to read. You can find this book at any major book retail store or of course at

The next book is by a fellow blogger, Chicoro. The name of her book is Grow It. I was hooked just by the title, but by digging into the book more, I saw this sister had some wonderful tips on caring for natural hair. She is very big on protecting the hair and being gentle with the hair. She has herself grown her own hair to waist length so I would consider her a "hair-expert"! The information in her book made me change my regimen and really start thinking more about protective styling!

So run, don't walk, to your nearest book store and pick these two books up. It doesn't hurt to have them in your personal library! I often refer back to these books for a refresher and to make sure I'm on track! I hope you find these books as valuable as I do. Happy reading and happy growing!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you shampoo, do you pre-poo?

Pre-pooing is basically a pre-shampoo treatment that infuses the hair and/or scalp with oils and/or conditioners of your choice.The pre-poo treatment can be as simple as massaging olive oil onto the hair prior to hopping into the shower to shampoo. The added moisture added to the hair helps to protect and coat the hair to reduce the chances of shampoo drying out your lovely locks. How often? Personally anytime I am going to use shampoo I pre-poo! Some of my favorite products to pre-poo with include Jane Carter's Scalp Renew, olive oil, and any protein conditioner. Why a protein conditioner?? Well if your hair is sensitive to protein like mine but you still want a dose for strength this is the perfect time to add it into your regimen! Pre-pooing can be done on any length hair and is usually done on kinky, coily, curly textures. Anything we can do to add moisture into our hair is a good thing! So next time before you shampoo think about treating your hair to a pre-poo!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Product Review-Jane Carter Solution's Scalp Nourishing Serum

I only thought it be fitting to start my product review posts with this product..this is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. Guilty pleasure?? Well at Target it's $13.99 BUT in my opinion soooo worth it! This is what I use to moisturize my scalp with. My only wish is that it came in a bigger size, but a little does go a long way! No matter my style I'm able to use this because it comes in a convenient dropper bottle so it gets directly on the scalp. It contains soothing ingredients such as Sunflower oil and Ylang ylang and cedar extracts which helps to reduce bacteria on the scalp! Now doesn't that sound delicious and soothing! If your looking for a soothing oil for your scalp I would definitely run down to Target, Vitamin Shoppe or and make your purchase. There will definitely be more reviews from this product line. It's a "go to" for me!


One of my favorite things to do with my hair no matter if it's in it's natural state or in a protective style like braids, is to rock accessories! Accessories should not be neglected, we as naturals should embrace them! They add such flair and personality to the hair. Accessories give you the ability to turn a simple hair style into a personal expression. Hair accessories such as flowers, hairbands, and clips can be found just about anywhere now because they have increased in popularity. So next time your in the store go by the hair accessory aisle and go crazy!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Braids!!! Kinky Twists

Yes it was about that time! I got Kinky Twists. I tell you, I've had braids before but I'm really digging these. Kinky Twists are basically hair in two strand twist with a crinkly bottom. The hair used is what makes them kinky twists because the hair is of a very kinky texture. These braids took about 6 hours to install and they were done by a professional braider at a professional shop! It was VERY hard sitting for that amount of time and especially hard on me when the braider got near my tender spots BUT in the end it was well worth the wait and! I will be able to maintain these for about 6 weeks and at that time I will evaluate do I want to touch them up or get my hair redone. I will be washing my hair while these are in but I have not decided how often. I have to find a balance in keeping my scalp fresh but preserving the braids. This is such a weight off my shoulders because it is a protective style that is long term and it gives me time to try something fun and rest a lil from having to style my hair daily!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Supernatural Star-Jill Scott

Now we all know this DIVA. To be honest she was one of my influences for becoming natural. Her presence is so queen-like. She has a wonderful personality, a magnificent voice...and GAWGEOUS hair!! Jill always keeps it real and gives us all of what she's got. She is so versatile with her hair and it really shines when you pair that with her personality. Jill plays around constantly with color as well as styles that we all have tried to imitate once or twice! Have you ever seen her live??? Breathtaking! I remember seeing her live about 2 years ago and I was just in awe over her hair and how full and alive it was!!! She has never been afraid about expressing herself! Today I am proud to pay homage to this fierce SUPERNATURAL!!!

Taking a hair timeout!!

I will be taking a break from my hair starting this Tuesday. I will be getting Kinky Twist installed. I'm so excited. It's been awhile since I had braids done, but I can tell it is much needed. I think it is beneficial to take some time out from doing your hair everyday. With the extreme heat and humidity my hair just won't last in this weather so it is definitely time. I think you should just listen to your hair too. Sometimes your hair lets you know when it is time to install braids or another low maintenance style. Some people like doing sew ins, cornrows, or braids to have a long lasting vacation from doing their hair. With braids I feel like my hair and scalp can breathe and I can still have the versatility that just makes hair so much fun!!! I will post pics when they have been installed and look out on Youtube for some style video.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What staple products do you need???

I feel like I have hit a new stage in my journey of becoming natural. It is a very comfortable stage. This stage requires me to closely pay attention to what goes on my hair. I am being honest with myself in what works in my hair and what doesn't work. I was the classic product junkie, if I saw it, I had to try it! Now I won't lie and make it seem like I am cured BUT I honestly respect what works for my hair. What does that mean? Well I recognize when something consistently works and I'm pleased with the results. I can finally say that I have staples. You should have a staple in what I like to call the "Must Have" product categories such as shampoo, conditioner, etc..So what product should you find staples for and have in your arsenal? Here is a list and I have also given you what my staple is for that category if I have found one, as well as the frequency of my use of the product if it applies!

Pre-poo (before shampoo usage)- Cantu Repair Leave In Conditioner Repair Cream and Jane Carter's Scalp Renew
Shampoo/Conditioner (once per week)- Giovanni Smooth as Silk
Clarifying Shampoo (once for month)- Giovanni Triple Tea Treat
Deep Conditioner (everytime shampoo is used)- Neutrogena Triple Moisture
Leave In Conditioner (after every wash/cowash)- "Kimmay Conditioner" Giovanni Direct Leave in/Knot Today mixed with castor/jojoba oil, and aloe vera juice.
Heat Protection Spray (blow-drying or diffusing)-Nexxus
Styler-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Sealant-Jane Carter Nourish/Shine
Setting Lotion/Mousse (For rod sets)-Jane Carter Wrap and Roll

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My contest entry for Strawberricurls on Facebook!!!

Please go to the link given in the description box of my latest Youtube video and click on the link to vote for me. The prizes are two of Fleurtzy's wonderful products. I don't normally campaign but I want to win this one soooo!! I need your help ladies, spread the word. I was a late entry but I still feel very positive! You only need to leave a comment under the picture to vote! Thanks in advance for your support.

My hair at 17 months!!! What have I learned?

I can't believe it's been 17 months since my big chop. I just want to let you know that black hair does grow! LOL!! It does. I've learned a lot. I've learned less is more. I've learned protective styling is vital in retaining hair. Our natural hair loves water!!! It is the best moisturizer that we can expose our hair too!! I've also learned to learn what my hair wants from me..actually that is still a lesson I'm learning. I've also learned to accept what has been given to me and to work with what I have. The lesson of showing my hair proper TLC was the most rewarding lesson I've learned. I no longer do my hair when I'm frustrated or in a rush because I don't want to tug and pull at it and cause breakage. Anything, I mean anything, can break the hair if you don't handle the instrument properly! I brush my hair less as I feel like it is a little harsh on the hair. I only comb it while it is in a wet state and with a detangler applied. I could go on and on with the the lessons I've learned. They don't call this a journey for nothing. I love what God has given me and I'm proud to be a Supernatural!!!

Supernatural Star-Kelis

Looks like one of our ON's (Original Natures-LOL) is coming back on the scene. Kelis' natural hair that we all fell in love with is making it's way back to us! I don't know about you but the mullet was frightening me. I have always been a fan of her curly hair since day one. Naturally curly hair just seemed to fit her personality just right. I always saw her as being wild and free. Right now it seems like she is rocking a short, cropped cut that has a beautiful strawberry blonde tone to it. Kelis always knows how to rock any style and how to keep us guessing as what will she do next. In my opinion ladies I think Kelis is truly a SUPERNATURAL!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

To much time on our hair??

Are you guilty of neglecting your body, family, or friends to work on your hair. I have learned the hard way that I have to really balance my life and the things that I love doing. I let my body go behind my hair. I would spend every spare moment on my hair and totally neglect my health. Little did I know me neglecting my body was in essence neglecting my hair. Not drinking enough water, not working out...all of these things contribute to healthy, happy hair! Now that I've been working out and sweating a little bit more I have healthier, fuller hair! One way to manage your time is to develop a hair schedule so you know what time is devoted to your hair. Find time to workout on your body. Exercise increases blood flow which will help feed your hair follicles and promotes hair growth! So give your friends, family, husband, children, and well-being some of your time back. Your hair will thank you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

To protective style or not to protective style?...That's the question!

Some questions you will hear in the "natural world"...Is protective styling beneficial? When should I protective style? How long should I protective style? These are all wonderful questions to ask. It is a fact that no products on the market will actually grow your hair any faster then it is supposed to, the key is retaining the hair that you are naturally given. On average a persons hair grows 6 inches per year, which averages to approximately 1/2 inch of new growth per month. Hair does not exceed 1 inch of growth per month. At a certain point the hair ends it's growth cycle and begins to break and split. The best thing to combat this stage of growth is to protect and preserve the hair. Your goals should be to retain as much hair as possible. This is where protective styling comes to the rescue. Protective styling helps to keep hair on your head. Protective styling will give you less manipulation, with less tugging and pulling you have less opportunity to pull hair out of your head. Now no matter what shedding needs to take place. Daily you are supposed to lose approximately 100 hairs a day. What you don't want is unnecessary breakage. So yes protective styling is VERY beneficial! In my opinion it is best to leave your hair protected most of the time and treat it every so often with a cute roller set or wash and go! Protective styles consist of styles that protect your delicate ends. Some styles include buns, twist sets, braids, french braids, and tuck and rolls. Sometimes protective styles aren't all that glamorous so feel free to use various accessories such as headbands, flowers, and clips! In the end your hair will thank you! Happy growing!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Single Strand Knots! Eeekkk!

We all have come to accept them. They come with the territory of having natural hair. What is it I speak of....single strand knots. They occur when our textured hair wraps itself around and forms a single strand knot. The image above shows a microscopic view of what a single strand knot looks like. As our hair dries it shrinks and with shrinkage the hair rolls and wraps and unfortunately knots happen. What can we do to avoid them? Protective styling is one defense, with protective styling you stretch the hair and it avoids having the opportunity to shrink and curl on itself. Another defense is to get a trim. Look at your ends! Are they looking dry and won't hold moisture, or maybe feel rough and like sandpaper? If you are finding more and more knots then normal, it's time for a trim. I personally recommend a good trim every 4-6 months.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A quick tip for fellow product junkies!

See a product that your dying to try but don't want to waste your hard earned money??? See if product sample or travel sized items are available! This will allow you the opportunity to try out a new product and not have to commit to it or waste your hard earned money. You can always go back after you have tested the product out, and purchase the full size of that particular product. Some products lines that offer sample packs and travel sized containers include Miss Jessie's, Jane Carter, Bee Mine, Oyin Handmade, and Jessicurl! Happy shopping!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome, with your naturally fly self!

So ladies I'm trying my hand at a blog....whew! I'm already strapped for time, but I've always felt the need to blog. This journey is not meant to be silenced and I want to share it with the world...the journey of natural hair that is. I've got alot of ideas in mind for my blog and I can't wait to share them all with you. I've got Youtube videos to share, good quotes, and lots of product reviews and photos. This is just another way for me to express myself and how I feel about living with natural hair. If you enjoy Kirstin's World on Youtube you will love being a Supr-Natural!
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