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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What staple products do you need???

I feel like I have hit a new stage in my journey of becoming natural. It is a very comfortable stage. This stage requires me to closely pay attention to what goes on my hair. I am being honest with myself in what works in my hair and what doesn't work. I was the classic product junkie, if I saw it, I had to try it! Now I won't lie and make it seem like I am cured BUT I honestly respect what works for my hair. What does that mean? Well I recognize when something consistently works and I'm pleased with the results. I can finally say that I have staples. You should have a staple in what I like to call the "Must Have" product categories such as shampoo, conditioner, etc..So what product should you find staples for and have in your arsenal? Here is a list and I have also given you what my staple is for that category if I have found one, as well as the frequency of my use of the product if it applies!

Pre-poo (before shampoo usage)- Cantu Repair Leave In Conditioner Repair Cream and Jane Carter's Scalp Renew
Shampoo/Conditioner (once per week)- Giovanni Smooth as Silk
Clarifying Shampoo (once for month)- Giovanni Triple Tea Treat
Deep Conditioner (everytime shampoo is used)- Neutrogena Triple Moisture
Leave In Conditioner (after every wash/cowash)- "Kimmay Conditioner" Giovanni Direct Leave in/Knot Today mixed with castor/jojoba oil, and aloe vera juice.
Heat Protection Spray (blow-drying or diffusing)-Nexxus
Styler-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Sealant-Jane Carter Nourish/Shine
Setting Lotion/Mousse (For rod sets)-Jane Carter Wrap and Roll

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My contest entry for Strawberricurls on Facebook!!!

Please go to the link given in the description box of my latest Youtube video and click on the link to vote for me. The prizes are two of Fleurtzy's wonderful products. I don't normally campaign but I want to win this one soooo!! I need your help ladies, spread the word. I was a late entry but I still feel very positive! You only need to leave a comment under the picture to vote! Thanks in advance for your support.

My hair at 17 months!!! What have I learned?

I can't believe it's been 17 months since my big chop. I just want to let you know that black hair does grow! LOL!! It does. I've learned a lot. I've learned less is more. I've learned protective styling is vital in retaining hair. Our natural hair loves water!!! It is the best moisturizer that we can expose our hair too!! I've also learned to learn what my hair wants from me..actually that is still a lesson I'm learning. I've also learned to accept what has been given to me and to work with what I have. The lesson of showing my hair proper TLC was the most rewarding lesson I've learned. I no longer do my hair when I'm frustrated or in a rush because I don't want to tug and pull at it and cause breakage. Anything, I mean anything, can break the hair if you don't handle the instrument properly! I brush my hair less as I feel like it is a little harsh on the hair. I only comb it while it is in a wet state and with a detangler applied. I could go on and on with the the lessons I've learned. They don't call this a journey for nothing. I love what God has given me and I'm proud to be a Supernatural!!!

Supernatural Star-Kelis

Looks like one of our ON's (Original Natures-LOL) is coming back on the scene. Kelis' natural hair that we all fell in love with is making it's way back to us! I don't know about you but the mullet was frightening me. I have always been a fan of her curly hair since day one. Naturally curly hair just seemed to fit her personality just right. I always saw her as being wild and free. Right now it seems like she is rocking a short, cropped cut that has a beautiful strawberry blonde tone to it. Kelis always knows how to rock any style and how to keep us guessing as what will she do next. In my opinion ladies I think Kelis is truly a SUPERNATURAL!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

To much time on our hair??

Are you guilty of neglecting your body, family, or friends to work on your hair. I have learned the hard way that I have to really balance my life and the things that I love doing. I let my body go behind my hair. I would spend every spare moment on my hair and totally neglect my health. Little did I know me neglecting my body was in essence neglecting my hair. Not drinking enough water, not working out...all of these things contribute to healthy, happy hair! Now that I've been working out and sweating a little bit more I have healthier, fuller hair! One way to manage your time is to develop a hair schedule so you know what time is devoted to your hair. Find time to workout on your body. Exercise increases blood flow which will help feed your hair follicles and promotes hair growth! So give your friends, family, husband, children, and well-being some of your time back. Your hair will thank you!
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