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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When you shampoo, do you pre-poo?

Pre-pooing is basically a pre-shampoo treatment that infuses the hair and/or scalp with oils and/or conditioners of your choice.The pre-poo treatment can be as simple as massaging olive oil onto the hair prior to hopping into the shower to shampoo. The added moisture added to the hair helps to protect and coat the hair to reduce the chances of shampoo drying out your lovely locks. How often? Personally anytime I am going to use shampoo I pre-poo! Some of my favorite products to pre-poo with include Jane Carter's Scalp Renew, olive oil, and any protein conditioner. Why a protein conditioner?? Well if your hair is sensitive to protein like mine but you still want a dose for strength this is the perfect time to add it into your regimen! Pre-pooing can be done on any length hair and is usually done on kinky, coily, curly textures. Anything we can do to add moisture into our hair is a good thing! So next time before you shampoo think about treating your hair to a pre-poo!


  1. I never thought of it that way, it makes perfect sense. I just shampoo and add the condish when I'm about to rinse then go to my next steps. Great tip Kristin. take care.

  2. I do pre-poo. I've noticed a big difference. I usually use olive oil or coconut oil


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