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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Could a Huetiful Steamer be in my near future???

Well today I watched a ton of YT videos on The Heutiful Steamer and I must say I'm intrigued. I mean anything that enhances the hair is a friend of mine. PrettyDimples and Taren916 put up reviews within an hour of each other yesterday evening and that got me to thinking and researching. 5 times more moisture to the hair!!!! Again...I'm intrigued. The price isn't bad either which was my initial concern. I may be able to convince hubby to let me shell out $114. It seems like it will pay for itself with a few uses! I might even be able to get rid of some conditioners instead of throwing them away cause I was disappointed at their performance! And then I heard it helps with detangling! Well if that's the case my 7 year old will benefit from it too! Anything that helps our journey is a friend of mine. I'll keep you all posted as to WHEN I make the purchase! Oh Mr. Fedex man!


  1. $114 isn't that bad. I mean you can think of it as an investment. I've never even heard of this product.

  2. I have been considering a hair steamer. I looked at this one and some others I have seen. I'm just not certain yet.


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