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Friday, May 28, 2010

To protective style or not to protective style?...That's the question!

Some questions you will hear in the "natural world"...Is protective styling beneficial? When should I protective style? How long should I protective style? These are all wonderful questions to ask. It is a fact that no products on the market will actually grow your hair any faster then it is supposed to, the key is retaining the hair that you are naturally given. On average a persons hair grows 6 inches per year, which averages to approximately 1/2 inch of new growth per month. Hair does not exceed 1 inch of growth per month. At a certain point the hair ends it's growth cycle and begins to break and split. The best thing to combat this stage of growth is to protect and preserve the hair. Your goals should be to retain as much hair as possible. This is where protective styling comes to the rescue. Protective styling helps to keep hair on your head. Protective styling will give you less manipulation, with less tugging and pulling you have less opportunity to pull hair out of your head. Now no matter what shedding needs to take place. Daily you are supposed to lose approximately 100 hairs a day. What you don't want is unnecessary breakage. So yes protective styling is VERY beneficial! In my opinion it is best to leave your hair protected most of the time and treat it every so often with a cute roller set or wash and go! Protective styles consist of styles that protect your delicate ends. Some styles include buns, twist sets, braids, french braids, and tuck and rolls. Sometimes protective styles aren't all that glamorous so feel free to use various accessories such as headbands, flowers, and clips! In the end your hair will thank you! Happy growing!

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