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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Single Strand Knots! Eeekkk!

We all have come to accept them. They come with the territory of having natural hair. What is it I speak of....single strand knots. They occur when our textured hair wraps itself around and forms a single strand knot. The image above shows a microscopic view of what a single strand knot looks like. As our hair dries it shrinks and with shrinkage the hair rolls and wraps and unfortunately knots happen. What can we do to avoid them? Protective styling is one defense, with protective styling you stretch the hair and it avoids having the opportunity to shrink and curl on itself. Another defense is to get a trim. Look at your ends! Are they looking dry and won't hold moisture, or maybe feel rough and like sandpaper? If you are finding more and more knots then normal, it's time for a trim. I personally recommend a good trim every 4-6 months.

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