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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What works for you at night??

It's about to be that time of year when I get back into wearing wash/go's...the problem now is I have quite a bit of length. With length, comes responsibility! So for some time I've been experimenting as to how can I maintain my hair at night and have 2nd...maybe 3rd day hair. I've found my solution. We've all heard of the "pineapple method" from other naturals. This method involves pulling your hair into a high (almost at your hairline) loose ponytail. Well I tried it and it gave me nightmare hair in the AM. My sides were all straightened out and my hair just had a weird shape. After a lazy night I decided to just throw my hair back in a loose ponytail and EUREKA..I found my nighttime, wash/go, 2nd day hair miracle. So sometimes simpler is best. I also gave up my silk bonnet and opted for a silk pillowcase. The pillowcase won't ruin the shape of my hair and it's just more attractive for those "intimate", spontaneous moments with the!! So what works for you at night? And does your style (braidout, twistout, or wash/go) make the decision of which nighttime method will be best to use?

1 comment:

  1. Right now I'm using both the silk pillow case and bonnet. I also use a scarf to wrap around my edges so that the elastic from my bonnet doesn't rub them the wrong way. But I have to admit that I snatch it all off if I find myself in an intimate moment with my hubby :).


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