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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wet bunning!

So I have apparently been wet bunning and didn't realize that me slapping my hair in a bun the way I do had a special natural hair term. Wet bunning is basically putting your hair in a bun while damp. Here are the steps to properly and safely wet bun:

1. Start with freshly co-washed/washed hair
2. Condition as normal and rinse
3. Apply leave in conditioner
4. If needed, apply gel to the base of the bun to smooth hair
5. Create a ponytail
6. Create the bun
7. Let air dry

This method eliminates the need to straighten the hair and use unsafe methods such as heat. In my opinion the messier the bun looks the more chic it looks.

Now to much of a good thing is bad! So it is very important that you find ways to protect your hair line because bunning can cause that area to suffer. Here is how you can safely bun:

1. Don't pull your hair into a tight ponytail. You should be able to comfortably blink your!
2. Take the bun down and let the hair rest often. I usually don't go past 4 days with the same bun..I let it down and redo it!
3. Protect your hair at night. Wrapping with a scarf and even using a satin bonnet, this also will protect your style.

With all of this being said, go on and enjoy a bun!!


  1. What gel do you use? I need something other that Eco Styler and Kinky Curly Curling Custard...

  2. Saw your feature on Naturally Obsessed... really liked it alot. I like your hair very much... I just started taking care of my natural hair since beeing natural for most of my life... flat ironing got the best of me. Now i started blogging and can't stop and i'm excited to see where this journey takes me.


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