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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What does your spouse/significant other think about your curly tresses??

Do you have support in your relationship when it comes to your natural journey? For me..YES!! In my particular situation my husband loves the fact that not only I'm natural but our daughter is too. He is the type of person that thinks WAY outside the box so when I decided to embark on this journey to be "different" he was my biggest cheerleader. He's even trying to learn the natural hair lingo! A few weeks ago he said, "I like it when you where your hair parted in the middle and wavy"- the translation of that is that he likes me to where my hair in a twistout!! LOL! So what does your spouse/significant other think of your natural hair??


  1. My husband was dead set against me going natural at first. But since I've been transitioning and trying out different styles, he's become much more supportive. I still think he likes the silky straight look though.

  2. Went I first decided to go natural my bf was like "Just don't get a fade" lol. He loves my natural hair and whatever style i wear in my hair! Even when I put in 2 strand twist to wear around the house he all about the natural look! He began locs and says we are on our natural hair journey together lol :)

  3. Its so great when your partner supports your natural hair journey. But you have to be responsible in maintaining your hair's beauty so they will continue to love your new look.

    Don't let your hair get tangled or matted, make sure you use the Take Down Remover cream to detangle or remove braids, weaves, twists or locks safely.

    That way your hair won't get damaged or thin or break-which will inevitably keep your mate from saying "oooh your hair looks bad-go back to the chemicals"


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